Aluminum linear handrail

Aluminum linear handrail

Aluminum handrails are of great importance in many different industries, as they are one of the essential elements in the design of stairs and modern buildings, due to their great importance in improving the performance and overall appearance of the building.

Shutter Egypt Engineering Industries is keen to provide the finest quality aluminum handrails to meet the requests of its customers who wish to use high-quality materials for more sustainable buildings.

Types of aluminum handrails from Shutter Egypt Engineering Industries

These handrails secure and guide paths in different places such as warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings. Here are the most important types of handrails that Shutter Egypt offers:

  • Circular linear handrail

This type of handrail is characterized by a circular linear design that allows for installation in a straight and distinctive path. This type is suitable for uses that require flexibility in guidance and installation, such as places with complex shapes.

  • Square linear handrail

This type of handrail comes in a square linear design that allows for even and regular guidance and installation in a straight path. It is characterized by high strength and is suitable for heavy-duty applications and areas where the handrail is exposed to pressure and vibrations.

  • Wall-mounted handrail

This type of handrail is used to mount cables on walls and vertical surfaces. This type provides ease of installation and helps to save additional space in buildings and sites that suffer from limited space.

  • Advantages of aluminum handrails from Shutter Egypt

The types of aluminum handrails offered by Shutter Egypt Engineering Industries are ideal for professional and commercial use thanks to:

  • Lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it suitable for use in handrails; this lightness in weight provides many advantages such as reducing the cost of providing the supporting structure and facilitating the installation process.

  • Corrosion resistance

Aluminum is characterized by its ability to resist corrosion and chemical corrosion, which is essential for stairs and buildings that face the challenges of the external environment and changing weather conditions. By using aluminum handrails, the durability and long-term durability of the structure can be guaranteed even in harsh conditions.

  • Versatile design

Aluminum allows for design flexibility and the ability to achieve a variety of shapes and patterns for handrails. It can be used in stairs and buildings with contemporary and modern designs, where it contributes to enhancing the overall aesthetics and adding a modern and elegant touch to the place.

  • Easy maintenance

Aluminum handrails are easy to maintain and clean. They are sufficient to clean them with plain water and mild cleaning agents. This means saving time and money on routine maintenance.

In short, it can be said that aluminum handrails are an ideal choice to improve the aesthetics of buildings and provide the necessary support for stairs and building structures. If you need any type of aluminum handrail, do not hesitate to contact us at any time to order the product.