The shower cabin, advantages and disadvantages

The shower cabin, advantages and disadvantages

Many customers wonder about the shower cabin, and is it a practical solution, or does the bathtub have more advantages? Therefore, in this article, we will shed light on the advantages of a shower cabin and its comparison with a traditional bathtub, so if you are interested in knowing the difference between shower cabins and a traditional bathtub and are thinking of renovating or establishing your own bathroom, you need to read this article.

What are the types of shower cabins?

Many believe that there are no different types of shower cabins, but this is not true, and now we will learn about the types of shower cabins, which are:

Securit shower cabins

This type is manufactured as 10mm thick Securite glass panels.

Alumital cabins

Alumetal cabins are divided into two types:

Alumetal Securit cabins

The outer part is made of Alumital while the inner filling is made of 5mm Securite glass.

Alumetal acrylic cabins

The outer frame of the cabin is made of aluminium, while the inner filling is made of 5 mm acrylic.

What are the advantages of the shower cabin?

The advantages of shower cabins are numerous, which made them spread in recent times to become one of the best solutions:

  1. Less space than traditional bathtubs.
  2. People who have mobility problems can use a shower cabin easily.
  3. It has distinctive designs to suit all tastes.
  4. It has a long life.
  5. Safer than traditional sinks.
  6. Maintain water temperature as long as possible.
  7. Reserve the passage of water to the bathroom.
  8. Suitable for small bathrooms.
  9. It gives the person more privacy.

For more luxury, a chair can be installed inside the shower cabin, making it easier for the elderly and people with mobility disabilities.

What are the disadvantages of the shower cabin?

Despite the many advantages of shower cabins, they have some minor drawbacks, which he must know before making the purchase: The doors of the bathroom cabin need regular cleaning and maintenance. The shower cabin is impractical for families with young children.

Important tips when buying a shower cabin

  • Search carefully for the best manufacturer of shower cabins, which uses the finest materials.
  • Attention to the proper installation of the cabin
  • The drain of the shower cabin should rise from the bathroom floor by 4 or 5 cm to ensure that water does not accumulate or leak outside the cabin.
  • Using granite or marble for flooring to install the cabin is preferred, and it is not recommended to use bathroom ceramics for installation.

Is the shower cabin better or the bathtub?

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, and in the previous lines we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the shower cabin, and it is time to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the bathtub:

Bathtub Features.

It enables people to relax in the water. Suitable for young children. Its own cabin can be installed. Its price is lower than the shower cabin

The disadvantages of bathtubs are:

  1. Ease of slipping due to the accumulation of water and the smoothness of the floor.
  2. Easy passage of water to the bathroom floor.
  3. Hot air spreads in the bathroom, making it more humid over time.

After identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each type, the customer has the right to choose the best and appropriate type for him.

What is the price of the shower cabin in Egypt?

The price of a shower cabin in Egypt is determined based on several main factors:

  • bathroom cabin type.
  • Cabin space.
  • The material from which the cabin is made.

The average price of a shower cabin in Egypt ranges between 5,000 to 10,000 pounds, and to find out the actual cost appropriate for your bathroom, you can contact us by calling the numbers on our website. Shutter Egypt is one of the best companies specialized in supplying and installing shower cabins of all kinds, using the finest materials and at competitive prices.